Viral: Airport incident of Partylist congressman John Bertiz III

ACTS OFW Partylist congressman John Bertiz III is being bashed by netizens because of a CCTV footage that came out. The said video was an incident that happened in NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) at around 6:45am, September 29, 2018 (Saturday). It was said that the congressman allegedly violated security protocol and  harassed an airport security officer.

In an FB video posted by Bitcoin 101, it will be seen that passengers were going thru security check. Airport personnel had to do a body search after the metal detector machine and passengers were asked to take off their shoes. Ilocos Gov. Imee Marcos who was captured in the video followed the rule and took of her shoes.

However,  when Cong. John Bertiz III entered , he just walked past the airport security then flashed an ID from his pocket.

The airport security officer went back to his post when Cong. Bertiz confronted him and even snatched the employee’s ID walking away with it.

This video went viral and reached more than 14k shares. In a news report, an apology and explanation was given by Cong. Bertiz .

I offer no excuse. I am sincerely sorry for my actions,”  he said. The lawmaker also said that the video was not completely shown. He claims that the part where he questioned the said security officer on why some some Chinese and Koreans went through without being checked was cut in the footage. Cong. Bertiz also clarified that he underwent the secutiry checks though he has a security ID issued by Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) general manager Ed Monreal.

Cong. Bertiz  also became controversial recently because of his “Bong Go” joke  where he said  “Huwag na nating ituloy ito. Huwag na nating bigyan ng mga lisensya ito. Ulitin ko ha, iyung hindi nakakakilala kay Secretary Bong Go, walang PRC license mamaya.”  This happened at the oath-taking of engineers who recently passed the board exams.

Watch the full video below.



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