Viral: Alleged BIR Scandal of Commissioner Caesar Dulay

An alleged BIR Scandal lambasting Commissioner Caesar Dulay has gone viral on Facebook.

The video was posted in an FB page called “BIR, Niloloko si Tatay Digong”. It only lasted for less than 2 mins, but what the video was all about was quite shocking.

In the footage, a pair of black shoes will be seen and a voice of a very angry woman will be heard. The woman was cursing and was mentioning BIR chief Dulay’s name. She talked about declaring millions rather billions of money to President Duterte and Dulay’s alleged “galamay” in Paranaque and Pasay RDO.

Another voice will be heard in the middle of the footage. A man also spoke and was agreeing to what the woman was saying.

The rage continued and the woman said derogatory remarks about BIR Chief Dulay.

“..Kampon ng satanas”; “greedy bast**ards** were some of her comments.  Then she mentioned companies Del Monte and Mighty and said something about Php 25 million settlement.

Towards the end of the video, the man that was earlier heard in the video realized that their conversation was being recorded. He tried to stop the angry woman and it will be seen that he snatched the phone.

Nairecord mo ata… Wag mo irecord..pati ako mapapahamak eh” he said

Bakit hindi? pare-pareho na tayo dito..lahat tayo lulubog” the woman answered

The last audio that will be heard is the man’s voice saying “matapang ka lang kasi nandito tayo sa abroad“. The man’s rubber shoes were captured in the video.

In the caption of this alleged BIR scandal video, it was said that it was sent anonymously and therefore should still undergo probing.

BIR Chief Caesar Dulay was appointed by President Duterte. A plunder case was filed against him  and 16 other BIR officials due to the “anomalous reduction” of Del Monte’s tax liabilities from 30 billion to 64 million.


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