Viral: Burger King Halloween costume

A Burger King branch in Queens, New York, took a different fun for ther halloween costume this year.

The whole idea of the prank is called – the Ghost of McDonald’s.

The store covered itself in drape of white sheets and trolled its rival with a special sign that read: “Booooooo! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween.” The sign of course includes the name McDonald’s.


Burger King Ghost of McDonald's Prank

Burger King Ghost of McDonald's
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This is the sole Burger King branch that carried on with this idea.

However, there is a clear evidence that this prank was supported by BK Corporate.

There were two Youtube videos featuring this Ghost of McDonald’s uploaded on Burger King’s official Youtube account. Both of the videos were titled “Scariest BK”.

The video was created by an ad agency called David Miami.


According to a netizen who commented on one of the videos, a similar prank happened years ago. That time it was from a giant soft drinks brand- Pepsi .

It was a photo also for Halloween where a Pepsi was dressed-up as a Coke. A Pepsi can wore a red cape with the Coca-Cola sign. The message reads “We Wish you a scary Halloween!”

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