Viral: Dog’s tongue accidentally cut by pet groomer

The dog’s tongue accidentally cut by pet groomer is such a disappointment for pet owner, Chiqui Caedo Zuniga.

As such,Chiqui took the incident to Facebook and shared her experience as well as to warn every dog owner to be careful where to take their dogs to be groomed.

The dog’s tongue accidentally cut by pet groomer happened on a supposedly first grooming experience of Chiqui’s 5-month old pet.

dog's tongue accidentally cut

Base on Chiqui’s story, her dog’s first grooming experience is indeed horrible. And worst, the groomer didn’t even notice the tongue was cut!

As an action, the in-house vet prescribed (and charged) them antibiotics and gave a tablet to ease the pain, Chiqui said.

Meanwhile, she shared in social media the full story and quoted:

“Brought our baby Chabbie this morning for her first grooming. And this is what happened. The groomer accidentally cut her tongue!!!!! Ggrrr!!!! And he said he didn’t notice that it happened. Ggrrr! Their in-house Vet gave a tablet for pain and prescribed too antibiotics. Poor Chabbie, she is only 5 months old and is into antibiotics already. Consultation was free but they charged me the antibiotics. Tsk tsk. Chabbie’s tongue will be like this for her whole life. Sniff sniff 😢. Nevertheless i love her so much!
So for all dog owners, watch out when you have your dogs groomed.”

On the other hand, the establishment’s name will be released as soon as we receive a statement from them. Last April 20, she was scheduled to meet with the establishment hoping that everything will turn into a good outcome.



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