Viral: Duterte kissed married woman in S.Korea

Duterte kissed a married woman in South Korea last Sunday, and this news became a hot topic for discussion.

The President met the Filipino community in Seoul and gave his two-hour speech. While the crowd was cheering, he summoned an unidentified woman from among the crowd to receive a copy of a book titled “Altar of Secrets”. The said books is about an expose on the alleged Catholic Church corruption.

Huwag ang lalaki, may bayad ‘to. Halik,” he said.

The President then motioned to a woman and said –“Handa ka naman makipaghalikan, halika!”

When the woman went up the stage , she had another woman companion.

Duterte said to the woman -“Huwag kang mag-amen-amen dyan. Halika dito! Ang beso-beso?” 

When the woman was about to alight the stage, the President asked her to stay and asked if she was single.

Hindi. Married po,” the woman replied.

Next question of the President was if the husband was there, which the woman confirmed with a “mo”.

Duterte, gestured a kiss on the lips saying – “Kaya mo sabihin na biro lang?”

With no hesitations, the woman kissed Duterte on the lips.

Huwag ninyong dibdibin ‘yun. Ano lang ‘yun… pampasaya ng mga tao. gimmick,” Duterte said after what happened.

After all the criticisms hurled at Duterte for this incident,  Malacañang on Monday sided with the President.

According to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, teh said kiss was considered as just a “playful act,” and showed a “light moment that is very accepted in the culture of Filipinos.”

He also stressed that there should be no malice as the woman involved -as Bea Kim, did not find anything wrong with the President’s actions.

Obviously there is no offended party here. The lady who was kissed has clearly expressed the view that she was honored with the kiss…She did say there was no malice in it and I don’t think we should impute any when the woman herself found no malice in it. It was not an issue to the woman so it was not an issue to the president.” Roque stated.




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