Viral Video: Elementary Kid proposes marriage

A video involving minors has once again hit Facebook!

It was not long ago when the video of minors kissing (Alleged Kissing Minors Photo goes Viral) enraged some concerned citizens. Now a new video came up wherein an elementary kid proposes marriage in front of other students.

elementary kid proposes marriage

This 7-minute video starts with a blind-folded girl tagged along by another student was walking in the school’s pathway. In the video it will be seen that while the blind-folded girl was paraded, there were other students who were teasing and cheering. Some students even carried balloons and processioned with the girl.

After a few more steps, the blind-folded girl reached an open spot where she was halted by another student. When the video recorder made a panoramic shot, it is a surprise that there is actually a crowd of students who circled the spot where the blind-folded girl stood. The students were shrieking and giggling in chorus.

Finally the girl’s blind-fold was removed and lo and behold, a young guy emerges from the other side of the crowd. He was carrying a bouquet of flowers and what looked like a gift.

The crowd of students grew wild when the guy handed over the flowers and there was even a shower of confetti that followed. Towards the end of the video is where the proposal happened.

According to the caption, the two minors in this “elementary kid proposes marriage” video are barely Grade 7 pupils.

Again, netizens can’t help but react and object this display. Some pointed out that these individuals are still incapable to sustain themselves alone to take serious matter such as getting married. It was also noticed that no teacher or any adult was seen in the video.

No details were provided as to where this controversial proposal took place. However, it can be concluded that it happened either inside or near the school premises and that this proposal was orchestrated.

Here is the full video from Lee Canete’s facebook account.

elementary kid proposes marriage




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