Viral:Flying tire hits man in the head

Chinese NTD Television posted a video of a freaky accident where a flying tire hits man in the head.

The report said that the accident happened in the pavement of a street in Brazil. Roberto Carlos Fernandes, a 50 year old man, was walking the street with a companion . Suddenly a tire went flying from across the street and hit his head from behind.

In the video, it will be seen that Fernandes immediately lost consciousness and his lady companion immediately attended to him. Two other men approached. One got the tire of f the street and the other went to check on the injured victim.

A car also stopped by where Fernandes lay unconscious and talked to the Fernandes’ lady companion (who was later identified as his wife).

Based on the footage, this video of a  flying tire hits man in the head seemed really tragic.

Good thing Fernandes survived this accident. According to journalist Gil Souza , he suffered chest and skull fractures.

As to where the tire came from, Souza stated – “Witnesses said that the vehicle had been hauling a trailer, and the tire came loose from the rear axle of the trailer. This was a freak accident where the wheel struck him at the exact moment where his head was in the wrong place.”

In an update by NTD Television – “When the rescue team arrived, Roberto Carlos Fernandes had a lesion in the skull but left unconscious. He is now stable and feeling better.”

Here is the full video.




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