Viral: Gretchen Baretto slams Kris Aquino

Gretchen Baretto ‘s video where she talked about Kris Aquino is going viral. It is now on the #10 spot in Youtube PH, which was posted by Showbiz Philippines .

The caption of the video says – “This is the reason why Gretchen Barretto is siding with Nicko Falcis against Kris Aquino! “

Nicko Falcis is the former managing director of KCAP, Kris Aquino’s online company. The two has filed charges against each other.

At the start of the video, the 48-year old actress opened the conversation on being a taxpayer in the Philippines. She had this conversation with a lady friend named Ria. Then she mentioned a code name “150 arte” who she said was angry at her because of a certain Alice Eduardo.

After a few more statements, Gretchen Baretto finally mentioned Kris Aquino whom she dubbed as the “Drama Queen”.

The next statements from Gretchen turned out to be a revelation!

According to Gretchen, Kris claims that she was dragged into an issue that involved Gretchen and Alice Eduardo, which Gretchen refutes. She then reveals that actually Kris dragged herself into the issue when Kris meddled with a million worth of tax dues that Alice Eduardo was facing.

Gretchen said that Kris asked her brother who was President that time to help lower the tax due.

“Kris kung talagang mahal mo ang Pilipino at ang buong Pilipinas dapat pinrotektahan mo” she said.

Furthermore, Gretchen divulged that Alice Eduardo and her siblings were talking about the help they got from Kris Aquino. She also said than to return the favor, a certain Gary bought things from the US and sent it to Kris.

Watch the full video below.

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