Viral: Harsh Comments by Alex Gonzaga

Harsh Comments by Alex Gonzaga video is #2 in Youtube PH trending list! Uploaded last August 4 in Alex’s official Youtube page, the video has gained more than a million views.

In this video, the Gonzaga sisters (Alex & Toni) read harsh comments that Alex herself dug-up from the past. Some comments were dated more than five years ago.

The first set of mean comments they read were all about Toni. Some netizens posted “not so nice” comments about Toni’s “duling”-looking eyes, pronounced jaws and resembling a gorilla. Her acting skills was also criticized and her being snobbish.

Alex was not spared from the harsh comments and also had her share. There were online comments about her being “OA” (over-acting) and also being a snob.

Well since both of them are in show business,  it was unavoidable to be compared against each other. Yes, there were comments that talked about one being better than the other in terms of hosting and who looked better.

But the meanest so far was the comment that came from an account named “Fatima Olivares”. This comment even had Mommy Pinty reacting and saying “Sino ang makapal na mukha na yan?”

The Harsh Comments by Alex Gonzaga video also served as an invitation for an Vlog Anniversary Party that will be held on U.P Town Center on August 11 at 5:00 pm.

Curious how this video went? Watch the full clip below.






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