Viral: Husband of Kuwait OFW abuse kids, records video

Captured in a video was a husband of Kuwait OFW physically hurting his own kids. The video has become viral and has caught the attention of DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development).

In the video, it will be seen that the man was hitting a boy while he angrily mumbled words that sounded like a diaclect. The little boy was trying to avoid getting hit while he cried. But still the father chased him while hitting him at the back.

There were two other children that was captured in the video. An older girl and a younger one. At first they were just standing and watching the chase.

Not contented in hurting his son, he turned into the girls and also started hitting them. The two were obviously badly hurt and cried loudly.

But what was next shown in this video of a husband of Kuwait OFW was truly shocking!

The next scenario showed a young girl crying. Her head was tied with a straw rope, and the person taking the video almost choked her.

The caption of the video said that this happened in Barangay Batomelong, General Santos City. The kids were children of an OFW in Kuwait.

Photo from: matalinong Matsing FB Page

According to an ABS-CBN report, the videos were intentionally recorded by the father and was sent to the mother of the kids for her to come back home. The father was said to be jealous and is accusing his wife cohabiting with another man.

In the latest update, it was stated that DSWD and the authorities have rescued the two girls – “Baby” ( 2 y.o) and “Nene” (9 y.o) (not their real names). Unfortunately the abusive father managed to flee with his son.

Here is the full video. Credits to OFW Kalingawan FB page.(

OFW Kalingawan October 22 at 10:34pm ·  I                                                                                  Isang kababayan nating sa Kuwait ang humihingi ng tulong na mairescue ang kanyang mga anak sa pagmamalupit sa kamay ng kanilang tatay…sa taga GENSAN NA NAKALIKE SA PAGE NA ETO PLEASE TULUNGAN PO NATIN MAIVIRAL ANG VIDEO NA ITO NA MAKARATING SA DSWD GENSAN AT MGA KAPULISAN PARA MAIRESCUE MGA KAWAWANG BATA SA KAMAY NG KANILANG TATAY.SOBRANG NADUROG PUSO KO DITO!😭😭😭😭 LOCATION :BATAMILONG PUROK 5 GENERAL SANTOS CITY sana po marescue agad sila..salamat po sa pag approved. SANA MA RESCUE AGAD KAWAWA MGA BATA WLANG KALABAN-LABAN💔😭😭😭


Below is the photo of the suspect, the father of the kids.

Photo from: matalinong Matsing FB Page





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