Viral: James Reid smoking cigarette video

A video of James Reid smoking a cigarette was published by an entertainment news site. The caption of the video said- “Spotted: James Reid Enjoying a Cigarette”.

In the video, it will be seen that Kapamilya actor Jamed Reid was wearing a cap, a pair of jeans and a jacket with hood. He was with a number of male friends in what looked like to be an inuman session. Sure the two plastic bottles of mineral water on the table were recognizable , but  an extended arm will be seen holding a bottle resembling that of a liquor bottle.

James was seated in between two guys. On his left was a serious-looking chinito guy also wearing a cap and holding a drink in a can with straw in it. To his right stood a guy wearing a cap and black shirt.

The James Reid smoking cigarette video has no audio, so what they were chatting about will not be heard.

However, based on the looks of James and his friends, they were listening to someone telling a story or perhaps a joke. James and his friend on his right were smiling.

But lo and behold! James suddenly lifts his right hand , where he was holding a cigarette! He puts it into his mouth to puff then the video stops.

Here is the video from fashionpulis.



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