Viral: Japanese guy covers Hayaan Mo Sila

Ex-Battalion’s popular song “Hayaan mo Sila” was indeed a sure hit and captivated not only the Pinoys but also other nationalities.

A 22-year old Japanese guy named Fumiya Sankai, a vlogger who enjoys fashion and music performed a cover of Ex-Batallion’s hit song.  He posted a music video in his own Youtube account named Fumishun Base. In his video that was shot outside the streets., he wore a very cool rugged outfit with matching shades.

But note that this cover is not in Japanese language. Yes, this guy sang “Hayaan mo Sila” in Tagalog.

Why he is he able to speak Tagalog? Its because this guy is actually based here. In fact may of his Youtube videos featured a lot of things about Filipinos like  trying the time game “Pak Ganern” . He also did other covers of Tagalog songs like “Dahil Sa’yo” by Inigo Pascual and Moira’s “Titibo-Tibo”.

This Hayaan Mo Sila cover by Fumiya has garnered many reactions from netizens.

Many said that they found the  video funny especially how Fumiya’s Japanese accent sounded while singing a Tagalog song.

This cover has become popular that it was shown on Korina Sanchez’ Rated K show.

Watch the full video below.




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