Viral: KaladKaren video mimics Karen Davila voice

A spoof video of titled “KaladKaren” has gone viral in social media. The video was posted on the FB account of Miguel Tanchanco.

The guy holding the camera started the vid saying “Nakikita niyo naman po nasa river po tayo.”  Then he shows a glimpse of the running water he was walking on and suddenly calls on someone to say something.

Ma’am Karen, Ma’am Karen ano po ang masasabi mo.

He moves his camera to focus on other people in the group. One of the members of the group whose head was wrapped in a yellow scarf, black top, and short maong skirt started to speak. As she opened her mouth a familiar voice will be heard.

Speaking in what sounded like the voice of popular ABS-CBN newscaster Karen Davila, the person talked about how the strong the current of Cuyab River of Tanay, Rizal is.

At the end of her spiel, it was revealed that she is “KaladKaren” Davila of The Correspondence.

Here is the full video of Karen Davila’s “voice-a-like”.


According to an article by ABS-CBN, the real Karen Davila gave her reaction to this video which has been viwede more than 600k times,  shared more than 9k times and with more than 5k comments.

“Absolute good vibes! Ang galing niya!! Made me miss The ‘Correspondents’! Congrats Kaladkaren,”  -she said.

Miguel Tanchanco explained that the video was a “Katuwaan lang”.

So whos is “KaladKaren”? He is Jervi in real life working as a a head writer of a reality show on a cable channel.



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