Viral Kris Aquino video during Manila earthquake

A Kris Aquino video is making rounds in social media.

This video was taken , during the time when Manila was shaking because of the magnitude 5 earthquake. Yesterday, tremors were felt in may areas of Manila up to Zambales and Pampanga (Read: Magnitude 5 earthquake hits Manila ).

According to reports, Kris was being interviewed by press members. She was in the venue to promote her cousin Bam Aquino who is currently running for senator.

While the interview was taking place, the earthquake happened and Kris’ reaction was all captured in the video.

In this viral Kris Aquino video, it will be seen that the Queen of All Media remained calm.

Yes may lindol.. ay nawalan ng kuryente.. umuwi na tayo” in a very calm tone.

She got worried about her son who were at home and asked someone to call and check on them. Kris said that they live in Green Meadows, which is on a fault line.

So what made it viral?

Well netizens were quick o pick up Kris’ funny or odd comments like what she said about buying Chanel items. Of course some made fun on her way of speaking.

Looks like it came to the knowledge of Kris that her video is now popular because in her official FB page, she made a lenghty post about what happened.

Here is the FB post.

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