VIRAL: Marcelito Pomoy wows foreign watchers

Pilipinas Got Talent S2 winner Marcelito Pomoy is definitely living up to his title.

Marcelito Pomoy PGT2 winner

Marcelito Pomoy PGT2 winner

Whatever happened to past winners of Pilipinas Got Talent?

Season 2’s Marcelito Pomoy is killing it in an international audience, as the 2011 champion takes his talent from the TV to the radio, and to the internet.

The internet then took his talent from the Philippine platform to foreign shores.

Just 2 months ago, radio station Wish 107.5 posted Pomoy’s cover of  Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s duet of ‘The Prayer’.

The video showed Pomoy singing for the local FM, featuring his high range by switching from a female voice to a male’s voice very smoothly and effortlessly.

The video now has over 2.6 million views. (watch it here)

Due to the video’s vast reach and overwhelming reaction, more uploads of the singer’s radio performances followed the said cover, such as ‘Power of Love’ by Celine Dion and ‘Narito Ako’ by Regine Velasquez.

The reaction:

Several reaction videos have been posted in response to Pomoy’s mind-blowing duet with himself. The reaction videos by themselves also became viral, some even having up to 700,000 views. 

This guy was just not ready for what he had to hear.

This couple were both shocked and entertained by Pomoy’s talent.

We couldn’t understand what these group of guys apparently from the Middle East were saying, but it shows in their face that they’re all in awe of Pomoy’s wide range–a proof that music really does transcend the language barrier.

These couple of men had a lot to cool things to say about what they were watching.


Pomoy is just one of the many Filipinos doing covers in Wish 107.5’s station, which videos all went viral abroad and became one of Youtube reactors’ favorites.


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