Viral: Pig with seven legs catches attention in CamSur

A pig with seven legs catches attention of residents of Pasacao, Camarines Sur. The rare appearance of the pig was reported on a news channel on Thursday.

The five-month Pig with seven legs nicknamed Pit, a short for pito (seven).

Pig with seven legs

Pit was owned by Laarni Estacion, barangay secretary of Barangay Cuco in Pasacao.  Pit has two extra legs between its two hind legs and another one that hangs from its chest.

Pit, the pig with seven legs was examined by  Municipal Agriculturist Isidro Saballague, and found that the additional appendages Pit has could belong to an unformed twin which failed to develop inside their mother’s womb.

Thus, aside from having seven legs, Saballague said Pit may even possess extra organs like a heart, liver, or kidney.

A pig with seven legs like Pit’s condition is very rare and usually pigs in such circumstances will most likely not survive for long because of the unusual composition of their vital organs, Saballague noted.

But, on the contrary, Pit seems to be in good shape. It is regularly vaccinated and is fed well, Mang Arcangel, Pit’s caretaker said.

And because of Pit’s rare condition, Mang Arcangel allegedly said that some people have already expressed their intention to buy the extraordinary pig. However, the pig owner plans to keep the pig, believing it would bring luck.


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