Viral: Piolo and Luis Manzano video scandal

Piolo Pascual is once again in limelight as his alleged video scandal with TV host Luis Manzano went viral. The video made Piolo regret as he was seen taking his shirt off.

The video scandal was a Facebook Live Video by television host Luis Manzano which was tagged now as “too uncensored” and vowed to be more wary when it comes to his future online antics.

“Hindi ko alam na ganoon pala ang Facebook Live,” Pascual said about the video, which went viral on social media mid-September.

Although the original clip has since been taken down, it was re-uploaded on several Facebook pages.

In an interview, Piolo said he learned lesson from what happened.

“I learned my lesson. I guess I was too uncensored kasi he did it sa dressing room namin. Okay lang, charge it to experience. Iyong mga ganoon, when it gets uploaded, hindi mo na maaalis sa YouTube,” he added.

In the alleged video scandal, Pascual, took his shirt off in the background while “Minute To Win It” host Luis talked to his followers, “Wala na naghubad na”.

As such, social media users called Pascual’s actions “scandalous” which prompted the press to ask the actor for his reaction.



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