Viral: Police arrest that got people cheering and clapping

Video of a staged police arrest scene turned wedding proposal has gone viral in social media.

In a Facebook account under the name Christopher Agripa Engay, a video clip was posted . The first sentence in the caption was indeed catchy as it said- “For share lng kung sino nkakalilala sa mga pulis nato. Grabe ginawa sa tropa ko kagabi sapilitang kinuha si Jorick Jugado

As we all know, because of the recent controversial “tokhang” police arrests, many people are quite sensitive on this issue.

In the video, it will be seen that a police officer wearing his polo shirt uniform was arresting a man. Handcuffs were being placed in the hands of the guy who will be arrested.This police arrest has caused a commotion and voices will be heard in the background asking for the reason of the arrest. A woman’s voice was loudly heard asking “Saang station?“.

The police insisted that there was a warrant of arrest issued for a hit and run case involving the guy. Suddenly, the guy was asked to kneel down.

By this time, the woman in a red dress was caught in the camera frame. Then the police handed the said warrant to the woman.

When she opened the warrant, the people around started to cheer and clap their hands.

Find out what the warrant said. Watch the full video here:





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