Viral: Police officer, involved in truck driver assault

A policer officer in Mandaue City was allegedly involved in a truck driver assault which happened on Friday afternoon at Barangay Looc, Mandaue City.

The police, together with another armed man were caught in a viral video as they assaulted the truck driver.

Facebook user Danica Njela Mier Alcontin uploaded a video on Friday afternoon, August 26, showing the two men, one wearing an orange shirt and the other in a black T-shirt, punching and forcing the truck driver to get out. She also posted screenshots of the suspects as to easily identify them.

truck driver assault

QC81435 HONDA WAVE DASH COLOR RED Hi Guys, Please help us look for this people who assumed that they are police assaulting our driver and the passenger. Wala sila kabaw unsa ila violation and nanukmag diritso sa driver, mga hubog pajud. Hambogero kaau mga animal nagdala2 og pusil unya ang mga traffic enforcer nga y ayo wala naman lang jud nanawag og Police para makatabang namu. Please contact me kung kaila mu ani nila. Thank you. Nahitabo ni ganina lang jud sa my first bridge, traffic kaau unya one lane ra ganahan sila mu overtake unya ni give way ang driver mga 5 meters away gikan naka overtake nag hunong2 na iyang dagan og nag gara2 na og sugod ky pakanaogon ang driver namu! Please share and kung nakaila mu ani nila please contact me. Thank you ( c) Danica Njela Mier Alcontin Facebook

Fortunately, the armed men in the video involved in truck driver assault was in less than 24 hours positively identified, one of which is a police officer!

Mandaue City Mayor Luigi Quisumbing confirmed the suspects’ identity through a Facebook post, reiterating that he is addressing the truck driver assault issue. He added further that investigations were ongoing.


However, the Mandaue City Government will not release the names of the men while the probe is on. The assaulted truck driver’s name is as well being withheld although the video has clearly showed the truck is under the Triple L. Comprehensive Aircon and Refrigration Service with plate number GHD-466.

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