Viral: Richard Gomez scolds NHA developers for allegedly using cheap housing materials

Former actor, now Ormoc City mayor Richard Gomez impressed many netizens today. This is because of a viral video that circulated in social media.

The said video was taken in a construction site of houses that were said to be a housing project. At the start, it will be seen that he inspected a pile of hollow blocks.

After which,  it was captured that he spoke to those who were in charge of the building of the houses. It’s very apparent that Richard was dismayed of what he saw and pointed out that cheap materials were used for the construction. He also mentioned that he is aware of that “lagay” system that may have happened.

A lady’s voice will also be heard, who also showed how the floor of the house was already deteriorating.

…Basta ang pakialam ko is to give the people yung tamang gamit na para sa kanila,Hindi sila magrereklamo pagdito na sila nakatira…” he said.

There was even a part where Richard Gomez himself touched the floor that already softened even if the house is not yet complete.

He then questioned the ratio of the cement that was used by the contractor.
Maglagay ka ng buto dyan, tutubo yung buto dyan eh” he sarcastically said.

In the end he explained that he was just doing his job.

Watch the full video below.





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