Viral: Samsung S7 Edge went up in smoke in Antipolo

A make-up artist in Antipolo has claimed that her Samsung S7 Edge allegedly went in smoke which causes panic at a beauty salon.

The 36 year old make-up artist identified as Weng Briones posted photos of of the charred gold phone on Facebook which has been shared over 15,600 times as of writing.

Briones said her 16-year-old daughter was tweeting on her phone when the handset heated up and started emitting smoke.

 “Natakot kaming lahat naglabasan lahat ng nasa loob ng salon”, she told ABS-CBN

Panicked salon patrons splashed water on the Samsung S7 Edge phone. A female staff then covered it up with a wet towel then stepped on it, she said.

“Puro smoke lang po tapos kusang bumuka yung phone dahil lumobo na yung battery”,  she said.

Briones said she brought the Samsung S7 Edge unit at the Samsung store in SM Tatay, which initially offered to replace her phone for free.

“Sabi ko gusto ko ng refund kasi kung papalitan lang din nila. Ganun pa rin. Andun pa rin yung fear ko na maulit. They did not resist naman. Sabi lang nila na tatawag sila sa main office. Then after a rew minutes ay inabot na nila sa kin yung pera. P39,990,” she said. However, store staff did not explain why the phone overheated and emitted smoke said Briones. But on the same night, the company’s marketing head told her that they would investigate the matter, she said.

At present, Samsung is in the middle of a recall of 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 phones, a larger stylus-equipped version of the S7 Edge, due to overheating and exploding batteries. The South Korean electronics giant has not admitted to defects on the S7 Edge and S7 phones, which were released ahead of the Note 7.

Meanwhile, incidents has been reported through Tech Times in the United States when a man named Daniel Ramirez has sued the company after he sustained second and third-degree burns from the S7 allegedly exploding in his pocket.

Also, according to The Sun reports, a woman in United Kingdom named Sarah Crockett allegedly said that her S7 blew up while she was inside a cafe. Samsung said there were “no known safety issues” with the device but that it would investigate what happened.

Samsung S7 Edge
(c) Weng Briones Facebook


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