Viral: SUV slams parked car blocking the way

A dashboard cam of a vehicle owner caught an unexpected incident where an SUV slams parked car twice!

SUV slams parked car

In the video, it will be seen that a white sedan was parked a bit slanted position. Because of this, passing by vehicles can no longer use the lane where the car was parked. It was just a two-way street, so other vehicles had to maneuver away from the parked car in order to pass.

The driver of the white car adjusted her position. However, almost half of the inner lane was still occupied.

Without realizing that, the driver turned on the hazard lights. The driver (who turned out to be a lady driver) alighted from the vehicle and went into the passenger side to get her stuff.

An SUV (Toyota Prado) arrives and blows horn on the lady driver since it cannot pass through. The lady driver ignores the SUV, walks by and seemed to have mumbled something. She went inside an establishment and can no longer be seen in the video.

The next thing that happened was just so surprising! The SUV slams parked car at the rear first, then backs-up to hit its front!

It will be seen that when the car was hit first, the owner of the white car came out to check on the car, but went back inside immediately. When the SUV hit the front, it was only then she realized what had just happened.

Unfortunately the SUV fled away.

Here is the full video. (Source: Kulitan Sa PLANET OPDI EYPS)






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