Viral: Teacher receives marriage proposal after 31 yrs

Netizens got so “kilig” on a viral video showing how a teacher receives marriage proposal in front of almost the whole school. The caption of the video referred to the teaher wearing a pink uniform as Teacher Eva.

In the video it will be seen that Teacher Eva was lead by her co-teacher to the school gate. There were students waiting for her in that area. One by one, students went to her and handed long-stem roses. Some students showered her with petals just like what were done for newly weds.A percussion band will be heard playing in the background.

The crowd was in frenzy and shrieks was heard everywhere.

But it was just the start as another “kakakilig” surprise followed.

Teacher Eva was welcomed by a banner that has a very sweet message.

The tarpaulin said- ” Mommy Eva, will you marry me again? Love Daddy Louie

Then the man of the hour appeared on the scene! A man wearing polo shirt and slacks who is indeed Daddy Louie gave Teacher Eva a bouquet of roses.

And just like what is seen in proposals, Daddy Louie knelt down on his on knee and handed a small box with the ring in it!

Teacher Eva gave Daddy Louie a hug and the two kissed each other.

Students sang a part of the song “Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko”.

Apparently this teacher receives marriage proposal video is a celebration of Teacher Eva and Daddy Louie’s 31st wedding anniversary.

Watch the full video here.



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