Viral Video: President Duterte’s daughter Kitty

Uploaded in Youtube is a video of President Duterte’s daughter Kitty.

The video shows Kitty doing the laundry hand wash style. She was in what looks like to be their laundry area because the background had a washing machine and also water  basins with soapy water in it.

Obviously, this little girl was just playing around. There was even a portion of the video where Kitty was singing while doing the laundry . Her remarks were also ear-catching , which just shows that this girl is indeed clever. She spoke English well and can do Tagalog and Davao’s native dialect as well.

Duterte’s daughter Kitty enjoyed her laundry act and had fun all throughout the video.

The lady taking the video even said that Kitty really wanted the video to be taken and be uploaded in Youtube.

One funny part of the video is when Kitty was teased by someone as “Veronica labandera” . The person teasing even sang the song “Gloria Labandera” using Kitty’s name instead of Gloria.

The video was said to be taken when Duterte’s daughter Kitty was younger.Right now, Kitty is approaching her teen years as she is now 12 years old.

Veronica “Kitty” Duterte is the President’s daughter from common-law wife Cielito “Honeylet” Avancena.

Watch the full video below.

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