Viral:Guy sleeps in pool for hours during family outing

Guy sleeps in pool for hours in a family outing!

A netizen (Iris Vicencio ) shared a story in Twitter on how her cousin Seth spent the night on the pool. According to the post, they were on a family outing and they ran out of space to sleep. She said that they thought it was just a joke.

It was after 20 minutes since Seth left the room that they discovered that apparently her cousin was dead serious. Iris’ sister saw their cousin Seth soundly sleeping in the pool! He was wearing inflatables that kept him afloat.

Seth was said to have slept for 7 hours in the pool. He went to bed este pool bed at around 11 , but was awaken by noise of other people at around 3:00 am. Yet, he dozed off again and woke up at 7 am since the pool had to be cleaned.

While this story is funny, Iris said that what her cousin has done is not something that should be copied. She explained that they did not worry of Seth’ safety as he their friends were around him in the pool when this happened.

Reports say that the family was at King Leonard Island Resort in Bocaue, Bulacan province, Philippines.

See the series of Twitter posts below.

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