The Voice Kids 3 Sing-off: Alvin Dahan belts Through the Fire

Alvin Dahan of Sharon’s team once again gave a superb performance during the “The Voice Kids 3  Sing-off.”

If during his auditions he effortlessly sang “Bukas na Lang Kita Mamahalin” female version ( Read: The Voice Kids three-chair turner Alvin of Davao and his whistle register), for the Sing-offs Alvin chose another popular birit song.

Alvin sang Chaka Khan’s “Through the Fire”.

Alvin Daghan

Even at the start of his performance, Alvin already displayed confidence. And when he reached the high notes,  coach Sharon’s reaction proved that Alvin landed on the right notes.

This was coach Sharon confirmed at the judging portion. As what host Luis noticed, coach Sharon was holding her chest with eyes closed while Alvin was singing.  According to coach Sharon, during the rehearsals Alvin had many sablays meaning he had difficulties hitting the notes. She was glad though that he got everything right at the performance proper.

Coach Bamboo on the other said that Alvin was amazing but was allegedly manipulating her voice to sound older .

Nevertheless, Alvin Dahan will continue his journey at The Voice Kids Season 3.

Yes, he carries on to the “Live Shows”, together with his co-team members Antonette Tismo (Kakanin Dica) and John Carlo ‘JC’ Tan.

Here is the full performance.


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