The Voice Kids 3 Three Chair Turner Carmela Lorzano sings “Tomorrow”

Carmela Lorzano is one of the latest addition to the ongoing list of three chair turners. She’s one of the youngest auditionee as of last airing of the biggest singing contest in TV – The Voice Kids season 3 .

From the popular kids’ musical/movie “Annie”, Carmela sang “Tomorrow.” A song very dear to one of the coaches, Lea. That is why she had no second thoughts pressing her button.

I couldn’t resist..” she admitted.

When Carmela was soaring with her high notes, Coach Sharon turned her chair. Coach Lea immediately reacted and said , ” She’s mine!”.

Coach Sharon was truly fascinated with Carmela.

Well because Carmela Lorzano was a total package during her performance with her childish and melodic tone and of course Annie costume (with matching Afro hair).

Carmela Lorzano

Just before she finished her song, Coach Bamboo joined the other two judges and turned for Carmela.

Coach Lea was first to interview  Carmela who hails from Batangas. As per Coach Lea, she has assumed which group the cute little girl is choosing.

On the other hand. Coach Bamboo said that he knows it will be hard for Carmela to choose him, but he’s keeping his fingers crossed. To fully convince Carmela, Coach Bamboo performed the song himself.

As expected , Carmela picked her idol. No other than Coach Lea, who herself was famous for singing this Annie song.

“She was destined to be mine” was Coach Lea’s  words as she went to claim her new member.

Here’s the full audition video.





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