The Voice Teens: Emotional audition of Zyra Peralta

Today is the first airing of the Voice Teens Philippines blind audition and one remarkable moment was the audition of Zyra PeraltaThis 16 year-old lad performed Sharon Cuneta’s “Pangarap Na Bituin”.

Just after a few lines, coach Lea already said “Dito na lang ako”, meaning she is already conceding to vye for Zyra. When Zyra hit the high notes on the chorus part, coach Sharon pressed her button.

Zyra’s eyes were closed when she belted the chorus part.  That is why when she opened her eyes and saw that coach Sharon turned for her, she got really emotional. She managed to finish the song though, amidst her sobs.

During the coaches’ comments, Lea said that when Zyra started singing , she, Sarah and Bamboo stepped back because they knew that Sharon already heard something special on Zyra’s voice. Sarah gave a little criticism on how Zyra felt nervous, but she assured Zyra that the megastar can definitely work on that. Bamboo thanked Zyra for the emotional moment that made him smile.

When it was Sharon’s turn to give her comments, she talked about the movie “Bituing Walang Ningning” . As we all know,   “Pangarap Na Bituin” was  the movie’s soundtrack.

Zyra hails from Cavite and her mom is currently sick .

Here is the full performance of Zyra Peralta.





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