Watch: Trailer of Jake Zyrus Japanese movie

Here is the trailer of the Jake Zyrus Japanese movie titled “Yaru Onna (She’s a Killer)” .

Yes, this Kapamilya singer stars in a foreign movie, which is a Japanese action film about an assassin named Aiko (Kang Ji-Young). In the movie Aiko is a contract killer who wants to avenge her parents’ murder by the Japanese syndicate Yakuza.

Jake Zyrus plays the role of Aiko’s best friend.

Aside from the opportunity to star in the film, he was also considered to sing the movie’s theme song “Out The Window”.

In an interview, Jake expressed praise for the production team of the movie for including his name in the credits. His name Charice a.k.a. Jake Zyrus was shown in the theatrical trailer bills .

The shooting of this Jake Zyrus Japanese movie took place before his change as a trans man.

The movie already premiered at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival last July 13 and will be released in Japan this coming October 27.

The film was directed by Keiji Miyano.

Watch the full trailer below. Jake Zyrus will be seen at 1:06 minutes of the clip.

Caption: “When she was young, Aiko saw her parents murdered by the Yakuza. Over time, she becomes a killer to revenge her parents. When she finally gets the criminal in her sights, it turns out that he is also an orphan, and has a blind daughter.”



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