World’s hottest math teacher adds up to rising PH temperatue

They say smart is the new sexy, but the hottest math teacher proves us he can totally be both.

Manila’s intense temperature is now directly proportional to that of the hottest math teacher ever.

Professor and model Peitro Bosseli minus his t-shirt has been gaining Pinoy fans exponentially, after he recently set foot on Philippine grounds last Friday.

Local fashion brand Bench has signed Bosseli a contract for a photo shoot in Bonifacio Global City and a meet and greet session with fans last Sunday in Manila.

After spending a few days here, Bosseli said he loved the Filipino’s culture of hospitality. “I haven’t seen much but I’ve met lots of people already. One thing I can say for sure is that their hospitality has been great. I really love the Filipino spirit. You can feel the good energy.”

He added that his visit to the Philippines will not be limited to modelling as he would want to explore the country’s tourist spots.

“I would like to see more of Manila and some of the islands. I’d like to see the beach, the nature, the different cultural aspect of the country. That’s why I made sure that I’d stay a bit longer,” he said.

Irrational presumptions

Bosseli shares that the absolute value of being attractive is to promote the substance one has inside.

The London-based model holds a PhD in Engineering and is a lecturer at the University College London.

Despite possessing two of the most sought-after traits in any person, Bosseli thinks that looking good while being smart also holds a negative value.

“I don’t think there would be any direct disadvantage apart from maybe the fact that people won’t necessarily focus on other aspects of your personality,” Bosseli stated at a press conference on Sunday.

He says he understands how this is usual for a number of people given the stereotypes. “We cannot help it. It’s obvious that if someone to you looks good, you’re more prone to being talkative to them or to approach them. When that happens, you overlook other things,” he said.

Bosseli shared how he had ignore critics’ opinion when he wanted to keep both his modelling and teaching careers and do them at the same time.

“I felt like people in academe would look down on that (modelling). Only by growing up and maturing, you will learn how to embrace every aspect of your life and see that it is amazing, that you can do things that are so different. Explore a talent that otherwise wouldn’t be explored in the academe at all,” he said.


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