West Valley Fault Line: Marikina City aka Marikina Fault Line (Part 4)

The West Valley Fault Line system passes through Marikina City – it is famous as the Marikina Fault Line.

West Valley Fault Quezon City Marikina


It starts in Tumana then eventually divides into several fault lines in Loyola Grand Villas.

West Valley Fault Quezon City Marikina

Then it forms a parallel line: one at the west part of La Vista Subdivision, the other one at the southern portion of Loyola Grand Villas, and a third one at Barangka.

West Valley Fault Quezon City Marikina

All are located between Ateneo de Manila University and Loyola Memorial Park.

Marikina Fault Line

The Marikina Fault Line passes through Barangka Elementary School and Marikina Riverbanks Center.

Marikina Fault Line

Another fault line is formed crossing Marcos Hi-way and passes through the entire Industrial Valley Complex which is composed of Monte Vista Subdivision and Cinco Hermano Subdivision.

Marikina Fault Line

The West Valley Fault Line goes back to the western part of Quezon City at Blue Ridge B, Libis, Saint Ignatius and White Plains which some used to be parts of Marikina.

See West Valley Fault Line: Quezon City (Part 3).

Marikina Mayor Del de Guzman talks about disaster preparedness should an earthquake strike in their city.

Earthquake Safety Reminders in case Marikina Fault triggers an earthquake:

Before an earthquake:

  • Know the hazard areas in your area.
  • Secure objects, appliances or structures that might fall.
  • Plan exit route.
  • Prepare first aid kit.
  • Participate in earthquake drills.

Marikina Disaster Preparedness

During an earthquake:

  • Keep calm and alert.
  • Hide under the table and stay away from glass or falling objects.
  • Go to open spaces.
  • Avoid travelling to bridges, fly-over or tunnels.

Marikina Disaster Preparedness

After an earthquake:

  • Prepare for any aftershock.
  • Check if you sustained any injury and check the people around you.
  • Do not use the elevator.
  • Check the power supply and gas tanks or anything flammable.
  • Proceed to the nearest evacuation site.
  • Bring emergency kit, food, clothes, radio, and batteries.

Marikina Disaster Preparedness


Marikina Hotline Numbers for Emergencies:

161 or 646-2436 to 38

During Calamities:

682-9279 and 646-1634

Phil. National Red Cross





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