What will be the Presidential nickname for Duterte?

The public is now thinking of Presidential nickname for Duterte, as by the time clocks 12 noon on June 30, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will become the 16th President of the Philippines.

And by tradition, a presidential nickname will be issued.

And as “DU30” became famous during campaign periods, will this serve as the Presidential nickname for Duterte?

According to reports, Spokesperson Peter Laviña said at a press briefing on Friday in Davao City that they have been receiving suggestions from netizens.

“We solicited help from the people, particularly on social media. We will let their creativity flourish. Many would call him President Digong, President Rody, President D-U-3-0 or President Duterte,” he said.  We just let the people do it on their own. Meron daw PRRD, PRody, PGong,” he added. 

RRD stands for Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the presumtive President’s full name while his other nicknames are Rody and Digong?

However, beyond many suggestions for Presidential nickname for Duterte, the public should sometimes formally address him to respect the Office of the President.

“But as I said, you can call him by whatever name you prefer but there will be times that you have to address him officially and formally as Mr. President… Our experience in Davao, he does not want to be called sir. He wants to be called Mayor or by his first name,” Laviña said. 

Laviña also jokingly said, “We are not dictators, so we will not dictate”.

The Presidential nickname for Duterte however got mixed reactions from social media. A netizen reacted that nickname is not needed and should address him as President Duterte instead.

Presidential nickname for Duterte


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