Whoaa!!! A Kathryn Bernardo look-alike goes viral

A Kathryn Bernardo look-alike  has become viral in social media.

A young teenage girl from Quezon City has caught the attention of netizens and even the Teen princess’ network ABS-CBN for having a close resemblance with Kathryn. She was actually featured in an Umagang Kay Ganda episode.

Her name is  Patricia Jhoy Letran, who is now becoming popular with her friends and online. Her FB account is buzzing with more than 50k followers and her FB photos are gaining more reactions and likes.

Many netizens agree that undeniably Patricia is a Kathryn Bernardo look-alike  whether she’s wearing make-up or no make-up.

A lot of netizens mentioned that her eyebrows, eyes, mouth, and face appear like that of La Luna Sangre’s leading lady.

Here are the photos grabbed from her FB account that showed that this girl will pass as Kathryn’s double.

Kathryn Bernardo look-alike

Looks like this young is a high-school student based on her other photos wearing school uniform.

She also had a boho-inspired look just like Kathryn.

Patricia is very aware of her instant fame and has expressed thanks to those who recognized her as a Kathryn Bernardo look-alike.

She even posted this quote, which is very timely with her current status.





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