Wil Dasovich sister shares encounter with “kontrata” Taxi driver

Wil Dasovich sister Haley shared her very unpleasant encounter with a taxi driver. Haley who is a Filipino-American vlogger posted this raw experience in her own Youtube channel.

Haley alighted a white taxi cab from the airport on her way home. She politely greeted the driver “Hello po magandang umaga po”, which surprised the driver that she is speaking Tagalog. The two were chatty at the start of the trip.

The taxi driver even offered to teach Haley a Tagalog word with $1 dollar charge per word. Haley laughed at it, however she noticed that the taxi meter was not turned on. She asked the driver to turn it on, but the the driver instead said that he will charge fix Php 500, which Haley refused.

This is where thing turned sour with what should’ve been a nice trip home for Wil Dasovich sister.

Suddenly the taxi driver said that he will have to transfer Haley to another taxi. Haley stood her ground and said that he can’t do that.

The driver then starts lecturing that Haley should have taken a Grab ride or the yellow taxi . This rude taxi driver even pointed out that he is expecting an out-of-town passenger to be a good passenger.

Further to the driver’s argument, he was pushing that since they waited in queue at the airport for hours, the fixed charge would be some sort of  “tulong” to them.

Tulong mo na lang sa amin, sa tagal namin na nag-aantay doon … Para namang metrohan kami, ‘di ba, hilingan mo kami ng metro, pwede naman nga kaso nalugi na kami”

At the end of the video, Haley said that she was too exhausted to comment on what happened when she got home. But she said that this is not the first time that she experienced this taxi scam. And because of this unpleasant encounter she wrote in the caption –

“Taxi scams happen often in Manila, Philippines. You know you’re being scammed when the taxi driver does not turn the meter on, or asks for “fixed rates.” I would recommend to never use taxis while in Manila. Stick with GrabCar or Uber.”


Watch the full video here.




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