Woman accuse Baron Geisler of physical abuse

Actor Baron Geisler once again made it to showbiz news.

After a few months of being quiet , the 36 year old actor is now being accused of physical abuse.

A woman named Karen Anne Tolosa shared a lengthy post in her Facebook account.

There’s a time to stay silent, there’s a time to speak up…Stop lying to people, stop lying to yourself. You can’t bury what happened in the past with your LIES…1 YEAR and 3 MONTHS AGO, YOU ALMOST KILLED ME”.

“I let you walk, di kita pinakulong, di kita kinasuhan. I gave you a chance and the benefit of the doubt because you were “changing your life.” Clearly, you didnt learn anything at all. “

“You are NOT the victim here Baron Geisler. It’s time you own up to the truth and face it.”


Along with the post were photos of Karen with bruises on her face and a wound on her forearm.

One of the photos was a screenshot of a tweet posted by Baron Geisler , denying the allegation.

Late last year, there were news about Baron renewing his life somewhere in Cebu. He even became a speaker for some events relating to suicide prevention. (Read: A renewed Baron Geisler seen online)



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