Woman receives “faceless bills” from ATM withdrawal

An FB post about “faceless bills” by netizen Earla Anne Yehey puzzled a lot of netizens and now even BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands), one of the largest bank in the country.

Last December 25, this netizen shared an FB post showing a faceless bill of Php 100 which she allegedly got from a BPI ATM.

In her post, she tagged both BPI and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

She also posted a selfie photo, where she was holding the bill .

This FB post became a trending topic. As of writing, this has been shared more than 23k times with almost 30k reactions.

There were a lot of  funny comments like-

” Madaling araw pla tulog pa yan kaw namn wait mo mamaya babalik din yan” 

” Nawalan ng ink. Or nag tago sa mga inaanak si ninong”

“Nag unwind po muna sila, nanood sine.”

A  meme even surfaced.

Others said that this a collector’s item or a memorabilia and may worth more than it’s actual value.

One netizen asked if this was a legitimate incident, as a case may be filed against Earla Anne Yehey if the story is not true. A friend of Earla confirmed that this indeed happened and can attest to tit.

He even mentioned that there were others who got this “faceless bills” aside from his friend.

In a news report, BPI Head of Corporate Affairs and Communications Owen Cammayo released a statement saying-

“We are already investigating the matter and currently validating the concerns of Ms. Earla Anne. We will provide updates once available, ”