Woman saves a slot, parking feud video goes viral

A parking feud video has gone viral in social media.

A netizen named Mary Grace D. Holdermann shared a video in her Facebook account. It was taken from a mall’s parking lot.

At the start of the video a woman in shirt and shorts will be seen standing behind a Starex van. A mall security guard was also present when the video was taken.

The netizen’s voice will be heard saying –” Si Ate ang kulit”.

Mary Grace started to walk towards the other woman who apparently was blocking the van . The two woman the starts to converse.

It turned out that the netizen recording the video was with the Starex van, Whie the other woman in shorts was trying to reserve the parking slot for their vehicle that was not yet in the location.

According to the woman who was trying to reserve the slot, their vehicle made a wrong turn that is why it is still nowhere to be found.

It will be heard in the video that the mall security guard tried to intervene by asking the netizen to give way. However, Mary Grace stood firm and defended that what the other woman was not appropriate.

Watch how this parking feud ended.

After a few days, there were posts in social media that showed a parking signage related to the incident.



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