World weather: So hot you can cook egg on a car

We already know it’s hot in the Philippines, but we don’t know how hot it gets in other countries until they cook egg on a car hood.

The heatwave in Australia got so intense, somebody proved that he can cook egg on a car.

All he needed was an egg, the hood of his vehicle, and an unforgiving heatwave to fry a perfect sunny-side-up on the go.

The officer who was stationed in a town called Birdsville at the time was enduring searing temperatures that ran at around 40C to 47C for 18 straight days.

He Tweeted the video using the organization’s account to demonstrate the state’s sweltering weather conditions.

On the same note, it seems as if this officer is not the only one testing the egg-frying theory on his vehicle; a man from Sydney in New South Wales changed it up a bit by using everybody’s favorite–bacon.

Josh Vincent from Sydney’s West was determined to see how long the process needed.

Vincent started at a 40C weather temperature and then left raw bacon on a pan basking in the direct sun, then added an egg.

After one hour, he had a perfectly done American breakfast. Vincent took a bite out of the bacon and attested that it was crispy.


They say everything is bigger in Australia and the bushfires are unfortunately not an exception.

One man found bushfires can possibly start in his car after his fireworks went off by themselves at the trunk of his car.

Local weather:

It’s not yet summer, says the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), although warm and humid weather will be experienced.

The current weather condition is mostly brought about by the easterlies; dry season has not yet arrived, as it usually starts at the first or second week of March.

PAGASA said fair weather would prevail in the country in the next few days, with isolated rains and thunderstorms.




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