Worms found in McDonalds Chicken Fillet

Customer satisfaction is most likely one of the objectives for a company that provides service.

When it comes to a fast food restaurant setting, short queue and fresh food matters the most. However, this wasn’t the case for McDonalds, as shared by a netizen named Eeghie Borjal Nucum on Facebook.

He was obviously dismayed as he shared on how the food was served later than expected and only to find out that the food served to him was congested. He was further disappointed on the fact that no apologies was heard but rather a statement that the food will be replaced.

Eeghie had taken pictures of the worms found in the McDonalds chicken fillet served to him last July 10.

Worms found in McDonalds Chicken Fillet from Eeghie's Facebook post.
Worms found in McDonalds Chicken Fillet from Eeghie’s Facebook post.




McDonalds has committed to provide a copy of the result on July 14 but to no avail. Eeghie has then filed an incident report a day after but McDonalds’ Branch Management refuse to receive the statement since they were advised not to while the investigation is on-going.

As said in the comments, Eeghie has undergone blood tests and results was normal.

The said Facebook post has now been viral with a total of 10,922 shares. Full details are as follows:

Everyone please be aware of what youre eating, before niyo isubo ang binili niyong food.

I had this experience at MCDONALDS, El Pueblo with my 2 co-workers ladt July 10. I and my other mate ordered chicken fillet for dinner and the other one ordered a burger meal. We were disappointed with the service since they told us to wait for 10mins but the order came about 20-30mins later. And even got more disappointed for receiving a wrong set of orders. But then, we were hungry so we just let it passed by.

We were busy chatting when i was up to my last two bites, I noticed something in d fillet that i cudn’t identify at first…chicken fillets is supposed to be pure meat, so what is this thing doing in the fillet..so i examined closely, WORMS (see image). So we called the manager’s attention and she examined the meat in their kitchen and returned to us saying “sir papalitan na lang po namin” so what now? May uod meal niyo ganun na lang? What about the other customers that time, weren’t they also served with infested meat and obviously not one of them had noticed

The manager took the specimen for them to examine what was really in that meat. They promised us to have a copy of result by July 14, but up to now we didnt receive any report.

Day after the incident I wrote a letter to the MCDo branch management but they refused to receive it, as she was advised not to receive anything until the investigation is done. As a customer i think it was my right to complain and i wanted it to be in black and white. Maybe they are trying to get away with this. So i am posting this for everyone to be aware.

Fyi. This happened at McDonald’s, El Pueblo Branch, Ortigas. Please share!”

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