Xia Vigor’s Mom hits back on Pier Morgan’s “creepy” comment

Xia Vigor’s mom defends her daughter after British journalists Piers Morgan and Richard Arnold  allegedly criticized Xia Vigor’s Taylor Swift impersonation.

This happened when the video was shown in Good Morning Britain. In an article in Independent UK, the comments made by the two hosts were published.

Richard Arnold said “slightly unsettling… that we’re celebrating that sort of thing and it’s trending worldwide“.

Piers Morgan made further comments saying “How old is she?…It’s not good. The whole sexualisation of young girls like this, I don’t like it at all I’m afraid, and the is my withering verdict…Everyone is saying ‘Oh it’s so cute’… it’s not cute. Don’t like it. It just means that millions of young girls are going to be slapping on makeup and lipstick and all that. It’s not right.

Xia Vigor's Mom Piers Morgan

Christy, Xia Vigor’s mom answered her daughter’s critics in the UK show This Morning.

She called Pier Morgan’s criticism as “very judgemental”and said that she was shocked with the comments as she is a religious person.

He should know his facts first… I thought he’d be more intelligent than that.” Christy said.

As a mom, she also talked about her protective instincts.  “As a mother I would not put my child in a position where she would be sexualised… [the programme] is for children.” she added.

It was also revealed that Xia’s prize money was intended for charity.

On how she describes her daughter- “She’s an extremely smart girl, she’s not a normal 7-year-old… she loves to perform.


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