Yeng Constantino share husband’s Siargao accident

Kapamilya singer Yeng Constantino shared their frightening experience in Siargao.

In her Youtube vlog, she narrated how her husband, Yan suffered a temporary memory loss that really scared her. According to Yen, she, Yan and their friends went cliff diving in a lagoon.

Yen was actually able to capture Yan’s jump. First , Yan did the “Tarzan-like” jump, where he swayed in the ropes before jumping into the water. But what came after it was more adventurous one. In the video, it will be seen that he climbed into a towering tree that had a diving platform.

The Hawak-Kamay singer will be heard cheering for her husband. “Love.. I believe in you..”. She even joked about Yan’s brief being taken off. Yan screamed his heart out when he took the jump.

The next part of the video showed a caption where it said “Dito na nagstart yung traumatic experience namin”.

What unfolded after the cliff jump was recounted by Yen.

It is where she said that they panicked when her husband started asking weird questions like where they are and how did they get to Siargao.

Yan was rushed to the nearest hospital and this is where their traumatic experience went further. Yen said that allegedly they had to deal with unpleasant hospital mishaps like lack of equipment and sense of urgency with some of the staff.

Watch the full video below.

Aside form this Youtube video, Yeng Constantino made lengthy post in her IG account.

There were photos of Yan wearing neck brace and inside an ambulance.

At the end of her post, Yen pointed out the almost the same experience ABS-CBN anchor Karen Davila and his son also experienced.

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