Yosi Pa More: Smoking Baby Photo Goes Viral

A Facebook post showing what appears to be a smoking baby photo is making rounds online since yesterday.

The pictures, which were originally posted by a certain “Ehrds Dela Cruz”, show an elderly woman in late 40s teaching the young girl to smoke cigarette.

smoking baby photo viral

It was not clear though if Ehrds Dela Cruz, the uploader of the smoking baby photo, was the same woman in the picture teaching the young girl to smoke.

A quick examination of the photos will reveal that the child was pictured sucking a cigarette stick in at least two instances. The child seems to be being taught by the same woman in both pictures

The photos of the child holding cigarette were part of an album entitled “Yosi fah more…” and were dated February 21, 2015.

People are now calling the attention of relevant government agencies such as Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to investigate the matter.

Smoking Baby Photo Reveals Disturbing Trend

Pictures of children being abused has recently become a hot topic in social media sites such as Facebook.

Just yesterday, an FB post of a child tied on a leash became viral triggering massive reactions from Facebook users and prompting the DSWD to take custody of the child.

While child abuse cases such as these have not yet reached an alarming level, this recent incident of smoking baby photo going viral reveals a disturbing trend of parents and adults audaciously sharing photos depicting child abuse, as if there is nothing wrong with what these picture suggest.

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