Young female expose alleged harassment of Jason Abalos

A seventeen year-old student under the alias of Camille claimed that she experienced being harassed online by Kapamilya actor Jason Abalos .

This was all exposed in a Facebook post.

In her Twitter account- @dearalaskayoung , this female netizen shared how their FB conversation turned ugly and uncomfortable on her part.

According to a report by , the interaction started with a thumbs up sign. Then Jason started asking questions.

Jason Abalos harassment


Then it was followed by messages with sexual connotation. To the extent that the actor wanted to pick up this young kolehiyala and do a sexual act .

Camille also said that the 32-year old actor even called him using FB. She answered the call in order to to do screenshots, which she said is a strong proof . In the photo, it will be seen that Jason was topless.

Aside from the screenshot, Camille said that she has a recording of the call, which allegedly had indecent words. Knowing that Jason Abalos already has a girlfriend  (PBB housemate Vickie Rushton), Camille pointed this out to Jason.






Source: Fashionpulis


Source: Fashionpulis

But what was really a revelation in this Jason Abalos alleged harassment is Camille’s post saying that there is another victim.

Source: Fashionpulis


Despite this shocking news, Camille expressed that she is having second thoughts with her expose.

As of this time, the Twitter account @dearalaskayoung can no longer be retrieved. No official statement from the actor, ABS-CBN or Star Magic has been released.




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