Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids 2018 : Marco Masa as Moira Dela Torre

Marco Masa trends on the 2nd week of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids (YFSF).

This week was totally different challenge for Marco as he portrayed a female artist. He mimicked Hugot song diva Moira Dela Torre. Wearing a yellow terno with guitar and earrings, Marco sang Moira’s hit song “Titibo-tibo”.

When Marco Masa entered the stage, the YSYF judges already reacted.

Sharon exclaimed “Oh My god.. ang ganda ni Marco!

He was very successful in copying Moira’s gesture and also sang this quite complicated song live! Marco’s mom who was in the studio audience looked very proud seeing that Marco did a very good job.

During the judges’ comments, Gary V. described Marco’s performance as “Perfectly imperfect.. ” and an “excellent job”.

While  Gary was delivering his comments, Billy revealed that Marco had a pedicure and painted his nails red that matched Sharon’s fingernails.

Ogie made a funny comment saying that he also dressed-up like a girl but never looked as pretty as Marco. He even pointed out that Marco also looked like Carmina. He commended Marco for singing live.

Last to cmment was judge Sharon who gave Marco thumbs-up for being able to copy Moira’s habits and “pagkahinhin”.

Watch the full performance below.





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