Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids: TNT Boys Lady Marmalade performance

TNT Boys Lady Marmalade performance is gaining praises from netizens.

For this week the boys took a vocally challenging song. Lady Marmalade, a soundtrack of Moulin Rougue movie that was originally sung by Christina Aguilera, Pink and Mya.

Kiefer Sanchez was Mya, Mackie Empuerto was Pop Princess Christina Aguilera and Francis Concepcion was pop icon Pink.

Aside from singing , their performance for this week’s episode had a lot of dancing.Not to mention the wigs and the glittery and sexy costume they had to wear. It was definitely far from their last week’s performance that was a bit uptight and serious. (Read:Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids: TNT Boys as The Three Tenors) .

After their performance, the three boys had a quick French language lesson with YFSF Billy, that turned wacky. And the highlight was when he called on the 4th member of the Lady Marmalade crew, ‘Lil Kim.

Returning jury, Gary Valenciano said commended the boys’ talents and said that even female singers of the same age with TNT Boys will have a hard time singing Lady Marmalade. Ogie said that TNT BOys never fails to amaze him. Lastly, Sharon said that she had ran out of compliments for the boys and just said “I love you”.

Watch the full performance here.

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