Zumba Kid Balang returns to Ellen deGeneres show

Zumba Kid Balang once again amused his fans when he returned to the Ellen deGeneres show.

Zumba Kid Balang Ellen degeneres

This 8-year old Phenomenal dancing kid made his way back to the US to grace The Ellen Show. It was in  2015 when chubby and bubbly John Philip “Balang” Bughaw was first featured in the show. He was an online sensation then, because of his dance video that was uploaded in Youtube.

Ellen introduced Balang as the “6-year old dancing boy from the Philippines to an 8-year old international star“. Previous video clip of Balang in the Ellen show was played, including his interview where he said he wanted to be a Zumba instructor.

In his guesting this time with Ellen, he still had the same interpreter with him  to guide him.

But Zumba Kid Balang was able to greet Ellen in English and managed to say a few words, which impressed the host.

In their chitchat, Balang shared a good news to Ellen. He said that after his first guesting in Ellen, he was given the honorary license to teach zumba in the country.

Then Ellen asked how Balang was doing with the stationary bike they gave as a gift last time he was on the show. Balang jokingly said that he was still using it but when he asked his mom if he lost weight, his mom said to just keep going.

Of course, the main highlight of Balang’s guesting was to show his new dance moves. Without batting an eyelash, Balang went to the stage and danced to the tune of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”.

Here is the full video.


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